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Tiger Eye sponsor Banham Zoo

Tiger Eye has announced a 12-month sponsorship of the tiger keepers at Banham Zoo in Norfolk, as part of the celebrations to mark the company’s 10th anniversary.

Banham Zoo currently has two Siberian Tigers which are the largest of all the big cats. Tiger Eye will provide support for the zoo’s team of big cat keepers in their work with the endangered species. Banham Zoo’s tigers, Kuzma and Sveta, are part of an international breeding programme.

Managing Director Dave Wilson said: “We have long admired the impressive work the Zoological Society of East Anglia undertakes at Banham and Africa Alive in Suffolk. We were very keen to pledge support for their important tiger conservation programme, which is part of an international effort to hopefully enable their amazing animals to survive long into the future.”

AUTHOR: Julie Wilson, Admin Services Director