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Conference Report: Berlin calling - What's European About Legaltech?

Our woman in Berlin: Cerys Burcher, Strategic Programme Manager


Last week I was lucky enough to attend the first European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) conference in Berlin. Staged over two days, it was well-organised and fun, and promised an answer to the question, ‘What’s European About Legal Tech?’

The answer was not difficult to work out: collaboration across communities (oh the irony, for a Brit). Over both days, the focus was heavily on enabling communication and connection between delegates. ELTA Connect was launched, a platform to foster relationships in the European legal tech community, ( and we were given ample time and space to meet and network with fellow legal tech enthusiasts from all across Europe.

Led by Hariolf Wenzler, the founders of ELTA had a clearly stated aim to deliberately throw together a diverse set of people: lawyers, technologists, academics, marketers, etc. People with different experiences and expertise. A sort of legal tech primordial soup: give it a good stir and simmer, and let’s see what evolves.

The network’s growing fast, the enthusiasm and optimism was palpable. Innovation will happen in the spaces in between, in the ideas sparking amongst networks, and at the ELTA, more than anything, it’s going to be a lot of fun along the way. Roll on next year.

AUTHOR: Julie Wilson, Admin Services Director