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Workshare announces new partnership with Tiger Eye to enhance law firm investment in new technology

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Workshare, providers of intelligent technology focused on the comparison, protection and sharing of high stakes documents. The partnership will allow customers to utilize Tiger Eye’s consultative approach to understand best practices for legal IT and get the most from Workshare solutions and its bundled offering with iManage.


Law firms globally are looking to technology and innovation as a source of competitive advantage and as a differentiator. However, with tightly controlled budgets, it’s important to deploy technology that will make the biggest impact in terms of lawyer productivity and client success.

Workshare and iManage are already delivering cost-effective and innovative legal-specific IT solutions for document management, production, review and security. Now, Tiger Eye bring their high-level expertise in legal IT to help firms using these services deploy them in the most efficient way, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Anthony Foy, Workshare CEO, commented: “By teaming up with Tiger Eye we are confident of being even better equipped to meet the business needs of our clients in the legal sector and of delivering an efficiency-enhancing solution. We have joined forces in a common mission to assist customers with the industry’s data security risks.”

David Bullock, Director of Client Services at Tiger Eye, commented: “Having worked in the legal IT community for 20 years, I can easily identify how the Workshare and iManage offerings have helped law firms become more efficient and aware of data security in everyday work.

“After the launch of their latest integrations, Tiger Eye can endorse Workshare and iManage’s strategy of creating co-roadmaps that make law firms more efficient and solve the security issues in the industry.”

Contact us to find out how Workshare can support your upcoming tech projects.


About Workshare

First established in 1999 with the advent of DeltaView, Workshare continues its heritage of helping legal professionals compare, protect and share their high stakes documents. Headquartered in London, in the UK, Workshare also operates offices in the US and Australia. More than two million professionals in 70 countries now use Workshare on their desktop, mobile or tablet. For more information visit their website or follow @Workshare on Twitter.


AUTHOR: Julie Wilson, Admin Services Director