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Tech East Member Spotlight: Tiger Eye Consulting

We were pleased to be the featured member for this month's Tech East member spotlight. Our Manager Director, Dave Wilson, spoke with the Tech East team about how we have grown from strength-to-strength, and what East Anglia needs to do to succeed as one of the UK’s top five tech hubs…

We were excited to share a little more about the Tiger Eye story, as well as how we support our clients and our vision for the future. Here's a snippet of what we shared:

"The Tiger Eye story starts back in 1999: at that point, I was working with the software manufacturer of one of the products we still resell today. We grew that business substantially over the next four years and merged with another company in 2003, I continued to work with that firm until leaving in 2005.

I have always been interested in business, since the early stage of my career when I completed an apprenticeship in electronic engineering and since then wanted to start my own company. When the opportunity arose in 2005, I took it.

Tiger Eye started as a software consultancy firm, but since then we have moved into also providing support and software development services.

Over the last 13 years, we’ve grown slowly and organically. Our team now consists of 17 talented people, as well as support from freelancers in professional services such as marketing, HR, and training."

Interested in learning more about our story? Click the link below for the full interview, or explore our 'About Us' page here.

Click here to read the full story via the Tech East website.