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Wedlake Bell adopts Tiger Eye’s ‘Send and Sign’ DocuSign integration for iManage

As reported in Legal IT Insider


We were pleased to announce today (5th November 2020) that independent London law firm Wedlake Bell has adopted Send and Sign, our DocuSign integration for iManage.

The selection features as part of the firm’s on-going digital transformation strategy, with the integration enabling Wedlake Bell’s employees to easily send, sign and store DocuSign documents from within their iManage Workspaces. 

David Hymers, who has been head of IT at Wedlake Bell since 2015, commented: “We trialled Tiger Eye’s Send and Sign solution and we were impressed by the significant time savings the tool offered. The workflow involved with manually downloading and uploading documents between iManage and DocuSign can be time-consuming and complex, and we were delighted to see that Send and Sign provided end-to-end management of this exercise, with the process completed within minutes.”

To read the full story via Legal IT Insider, click here.


About Tiger Eye's Send and Sign: the DocuSign integration for iManage

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