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5 key knowledge resources to feature in your law firm’s knowledge library

As featured on Legal Support Network


Effective Knowledge Management is about delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time. With this, the aim of a knowledge library is to form a centralised “single source of truth” that your team can go to for organisational knowledge and collective expertise – whenever they need it.

In building a legal knowledge base, the aim is to curate an accessible know-how store which your firm can explore with ease, so that they spend less time searching for information and more time producing outcomes for clients. Legal knowledge bases typically house a broad range of resources, designed to support users in finding solutions – without having to ask someone for help. This is where the idea of ‘self-serving’ legal know how comes from. As law firms create and revise documents all day, every day, including contracts, resolutions, trusts, briefs, memorandums, wills, judgements, and pleadings, it’s common for these document-intensive organisations to manage a large quantity of knowledge articles, designed to support faster document drafting, review, and production.

But what exactly should go in a law firm’s knowledge library? For some, there’s still some mysticism around the subject. In our latest feature for Legal Support Network, Dave Wilson, our Managing Director and Blueprint User Community ambassador, explored this topic in depth, recommending five key resources for your law firm’s knowledge library.


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