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Tiger Eye launch Tiger Eye Migration Duo for iManage

Tiger Eye [the Leading iManage Partner for Knowledge and Technical Expertise] are excited to announce the replacement of our Migration Suite solution for iManage with Migration Duo – a dual-component solution providing both import and export functionality for comprehensive migration management, all accessed through an intuitive interface. Designed for the efficient handling of iManage data movement and reorganisation, Tiger Eye Migration Duo enables users to effectively import and export iManage content, perform bulk operations, reorganise content and more.

Whilst Tiger Eye Migration Suite has been available on the market and trusted by clients for a number of years, Migration Duo aims to build on existing capabilities with increased migration efficiency. With coding refined for Migration Duo at the end of 2020, existing clients have had access to the new solution from March 2021 onwards, with the solution now available to the wider market.

Dave Wilson, Managing Director at Tiger Eye, added: “We’re excited to relaunch this trusted solution and offer greater migration efficiency to our clients. We have already had great feedback on the new solution, and we look forward to offering this affordable tool more widely to the market.”

The new release forms part of the relaunch and expansion of the Tiger Eye Tools range, a collection of iManage Tools set to replace our existing TEC Tools suite. Further information about the relaunch will be shared in Autumn of this year.


To learn more about Tiger Eye Migration Duo, click here to view the Migration Duo webpage