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Tiger Eye Expand and Relaunch ‘Tiger Eye Tools for iManage’ Range

Press Release | Published 11th October 2021 


Tiger Eye are pleased to announce the expansion and relaunch of their range of iManage tools, with 8 distinct tools now included in the ‘Tiger Eye Tools for iManage’ range. The relaunch sees 3 new solutions added to the suite, to form a comprehensive selection of 8 solutions for the customization and extension of the iManage DMS.

All of the Tiger Eye Tools included in the collection are iManage Cloud and Work 10 compliant and are customizable to meet individual firm’s needs. Among those added to the range are Tiger Eye Matter Manager, enabling efficient management of the matter lifecycle including the archiving and deletion of expired matters, all of which is handled through an intuitive interface. Tiger Eye have also launched Tiger Eye Accelerate, a solution which provides fast and easy access to iManage through Windows Explorer. Mirroring the OneDrive interface, Accelerate for iManage enables users to browse, open, save and edit iManage content from a web browser and within Windows without switching applications. It is hoped that this will enable all firm staff to benefit from iManage, without training on iManage’s UX and extensive functionality. Tiger Eye have also replaced their existing Migration Suite system with Tiger Eye Migration Duo for complete, on-demand migration management.

Dave Wilson, Managing Director of Tiger Eye, added: “It has been an interesting period of growth for our business, and I am excited about the expansion and relaunch of our Tiger Eye Tools range. Using real-world insights from customers, delivering on our core mission to provide ‘expertise, from the team that listens’ and as the leading iManage partner for knowledge and technical expertise, it is fantastic to be able to innovate and build on the iManage Platform with new functionality to suit our clients’ needs. We are pleased to now be able to offer our solutions to the wider market, to help more firms to tailor their DMS to suit their strategy and vision.”

The full collection of Tiger Eye Tools now includes:

  • Tiger Eye Migration Duo: for easy data migration between systems [which includes functionality for both exporting and importing of data]
  • Tiger Eye Accelerate: facilitates seamless access of iManage content (including files and folders) through Windows Explorer, mirroring the user design of desktop file applications
  • Tiger Eye Matter Manager: enables users to control the lifecycle of iManage Matters by setting deletion dates, with Matters automatically deleted upon expiry
  • Tiger Eye Template Manager: a Microsoft Word add-in which provides users with access to all their firm’s document templates, with templates secured by department/type and governed by iManage permissions
  • Tiger Eye Archiver: Enables the archiving of iManage Workspaces from a CSV file
  • Tiger Eye GDPR Delete: Controls the deletion of all documents and/or containers for a given iManage Client or list of Matters.
  • Tiger Eye Decrypt: decrypts emails stored within iManage so that they are visible to all staff working on the same matter or case
  • Tiger Eye Send and Sign: Allows easy integration between iManage and E-Signing platforms with support for DocuSign and Virtual Signature.


To browse the full range of Tiger Eye Tools for iManage, visit the overview page here:



About Tiger Eye

Specialists in document, email, and knowledge management, Tiger Eye support professional services firms to work smarter with their data. As the leading iManage partner for knowledge and technical expertise, Tiger Eye have conducted Work Product Management projects for a range of clientele including leading law firms. Renowned for the team’s unparalleled iManage technical knowledge and exceptional customer service, Tiger Eye deliver ‘expertise, from the team that listens’ through software solutions, custom development services, technical support, training and much more.