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Tiger Eye launch Power BI Reporting for Tiger Eye Blueprint

Press Release | Published 19th October 2021 


Tiger Eye, the leading iManage partner for knowledge and technical expertise, have today [19th October] announced the release of the latest update added to Tiger Eye Blueprint: the Knowledge Management tool for iManage. Building on Blueprint’s administrative functionality, Tiger Eye have incorporated Microsoft Power BI reporting into the system’s capabilities to empower knowledge leaders to better report on knowledge activity.

The update will enable firms to interpret their Blueprint usage and engagement data visually, for example generating comprehensive reports on active users, departmental activity, document engagement and more. With Blueprint integrated directly with iManage, the new reporting capabilities will also demonstrate nomination and submission rates for users nominating knowledge from iManage to Blueprint using the system’s one-click nomination process. Malicious behaviour reports can also be generated using the new functionality, to warn system administrators of potential knowledge leaks, for example if knowledge is extensively downloaded when a leader leaves the firm.

The update stemmed from extensive discussions with The Blueprint User Community about ways in which to demonstrate the value of knowledge engagement and KM technology using a data-driven approach.  

Dave Wilson, Managing Director of Tiger Eye, added: “It has been a pleasure to build on Blueprint’s administrative capabilities in partnership with The Blueprint User Community. We hope that this update will enable knowledge leaders to better demonstrate engagement rates for their knowledge activities, supporting the building and maintenance of effective knowledge sharing cultures.”

To learn more about Tiger Eye Blueprint, visit the Tiger Eye Blueprint page:



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