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What We Measure, We Improve: Measuring Knowledge Management Success

As featured in ILTA's Winter 2021 Edition of Peer to Peer Magazine 

We were pleased to feature alongside a range of legal technology thought leaders in the Winter 2021 edition of Peer to Peer Magazine, produced by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). In the magazine, our Managing Director, Dave Wilson, shared practical guidance to support firms in measuring their KM efforts and proving the value of knowledge technologies and processes.

In the feature, Dave shared the following advice for measuring knowledge management in law firms:

  • Knowledge objectives and strategies vary from firm to firm, so be sure to 'start with the why' before measuring KM success
  • KM targets should be aligned with business objectives to ensure leadership buy-in
  • Knowledge search and retrieval metrics are still critical efficiency measurement for work from home and hybrid working
  • Analysing KM technology reports can highlight areas for improvement and the ROI of knowledge curation itself
  • KM time codes can help to identify knowledge activities that aren't recorded by technology
  • The human side of KM is crucial, so surveys, interviews and focus groups are critical methods for collecting cultural data on changing attitudes and behaviours 


To learn how your firm could measure the effectiveness of your knowledge management processes and technologies, click here to read the article via ILTA.




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AUTHOR: Dave Wilson, Managing Director