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Kevin Mouzer Celebrates Ten Years at Tiger Eye 

This month, our Head of Project Delivery, Kevin Mouzer, is celebrating ten years with Tiger Eye. In this interview, we took the opportunity to ask Kevin about his career to date and gain his insights on the ever-changing Legal Technology landscape.


Kevin Mouzer with Tiger Eye's Managing Director, Dave Wilson

Image: Kevin Mouzer with Tiger Eye's Managing Director, Dave Wilson


What have been some of the highlights of your past decade at Tiger Eye?

A highlight of my ten years with Tiger Eye has been seeing the company grow, and playing a part in welcoming all the new staff that have joined the team. We have a really high staff retention rate, so many of those new starters have stayed with us. However, even when new joiners have eventually left the team, it is still really fantastic for me to see how they’ve grown and flourished in their time with us, and how we have set them up for success in the future.

One of the many reasons I’ve stayed with Tiger Eye for a decade is the company’s investment in knowledge and learning. Our leadership team have a real focus on staff development and are passionate about supporting staff to reach their full potential. Recently we’ve won awards for this, including the ‘Best Digital and Technology Employer’ at the Best Employers Eastern Region conference, and we’ve been awarded a Silver ‘Investors in People’ accreditation for our approach to learning and wellbeing. It has been a joy to see what junior and senior staff have achieved with Tiger Eye, and it has been a pleasure to mentor junior and senior technologists in their time with us.


What have you learnt along the way?

It’s safe to say that I have learnt a lot during my career with Tiger Eye! I started in the company in a purely technical role, focusing on iManage deep dives and technical support. Over the past few years, I have transitioned into a more strategic role as Head of Project Delivery, incorporating people management and mentoring into my position, supported by the leadership board.

Throughout my decade at Tiger Eye, I’ve enjoyed learning on the go, facing challenges head on and getting stuck in with new projects. With the world of legal technology constantly evolving and innovating, I am always learning. Whether understanding new products or learning new ways to apply trusted technologies, there is never a dull moment.


Image: Kevin Mouzer, Head of Project Delivery, with the Tiger Eye Project Delivery Team


Do you think that the way firms approach document management has changed throughout your career, and during the last ten years in particular?

Early on in my career, I worked in-house at a law firm as a System Platform Analyst, and back then the team I was working with were predominantly focusing on technologies like electronic typewriters. We didn’t use the internet like we do today, and the Blackberry mobile phone was the latest ‘big thing’ in legal technology. A lot of my time was focused on supporting the firm as they brought typing and admin into a lawyer’s role, rather than that of a secretary.

Document management, as with all legal technology, is constantly being innovated, and it’s changed dramatically throughout my career.

There has been a mindset shift in the document management industry and the way that firms use the DMS has changed. Initially being treated as a standalone piece of technology, the DMS has since become a central platform, managing governance, compliance and collaboration. Following the pandemic, we’re all working in a more agile way now, and iManage has adapted to support this new way of working, with technologies for offline working and mobility. I think iManage’s partnership with Microsoft demonstrates their investment in innovation, and I’m excited to see where things go from here.


Which projects were you most proud to work on?

Tiger Eye boasts a distinctly broad client base, working with law firms, real estate businesses and media organisations alike. I’m proud to say that myself and the team have handled every project with the same pride and enthusiasm.

My first Tiger Eye go live was for an operator and developer of sustainable urban real estate, and we worked closely with them to tailor the iManage system to suit their unique way of working. Back then – and still to this day – iManage is often seen as a tool specifically for the legal market, but we’ve helped a range of different businesses to modify the tool for their working practices. We continue to work closely with the firm, and it’s been a pleasure to work with their team throughout my decade at Tiger Eye.

Another personal highlight for me was managing our first cloud project, migrating a specialist law firm away from Google Docs to the Cloud. Within the project, we also moved them to Microsoft Office 365, ensuring that their fee-earners were supported by secure and compliant technology for document creation and sharing. We managed the project in a short time frame, and the adoptions had a significant impact on their operational efficiency.

I am particularly proud of our ongoing work for a world class, major international law firm, who we have worked with for a number of years now. Recently, we were trusted to lead their move to Work 10, migrating millions of documents and managing the transition for their 2000+ staff. It has been fantastic to see the benefits the new system is bringing to their team, based in offices around the world.


Kevin and Projects Team Meeting

Image: Kevin with Tiger Eye's Project Delivery Team in a meeting


What do you think will be the biggest trends in document management over the next ten years?

It’s clear to see that mobile working and ‘work from anywhere’ is only going to increase in popularity, as firms embrace the new normal. Cloud dominance will become the norm, and integrations will become increasingly popular as firms aim to create integrated ecosystems to remove the risk of information silos.

We’re seeing many of our clients focus on collaboration, however I feel the biggest trend will be Knowledge Management. There has unsurprisingly been a renewed focus on KM amidst the pandemic, however I feel this trend is set to skyrocket over the months and years ahead, as firms realize the true risk of knowledge loss. We are liaising with a number of firms at the moment who are reviewing Tiger Eye Blueprint as an alternative to their core knowledge system, as they found inefficiencies with their legacy software during the pandemic, with many older systems limiting staff’s ability to share and access knowledge on the go. Over the next few months – and years – it’s inevitable that firms will focus on KM, not only to increase efficiency, but to keep up with the competition.


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