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Webinar | Knowledge Management for Innovation

This event was hosted live on the 14th January 2020.

To watch the recorded version of the event on demand, please fill in the form below.

Knowledge Management for Innovation

For this Knowledge Management webinar session, we invited our attendees to discover:

  • The ways Innovation and Knowledge are linked
  • The history of Knowledge Management for innovation
  • The many positives that can come from effectively managing knowledge
  • The ways Knowledge Management can positively impact knowledge sharing
  • The potential barriers to innovation

This session was designed to offer both KM veterans and those who are new to the function the ability to better understand the role of Knowledge Management within innovative businesses. We now welcome you to watch our session on demand by filling in the form below. 

During this session, we also demonstrated Blueprint for Knowledge Management, explaining how Blueprint’s features help firms to overcome barriers to KM success through:

  • Company-wide knowledge submission capabilities
  • Helping to build a Knowledge Sharing culture
  • Blueprint’s integrations with other systems
  • Blueprint’s simple user search functionality, making knowledge available to all
  • Social functionality, such as liking, commenting and sharing search result document bundles

Please note, this event was hosted on the 14th January 2020 at 4PM GMT, therefore the Q&A panel is no longer open for participation. However, the questions asked and the discussion that follows may be of interest to you.


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