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Change - it’s essential for progress. It takes people to make it happen

Our 'Member Spotlight' with Norfolk Chamber


This week, we were pleased to be the first of Norfolk Chamber's members to feature in their 'Your Voice' column, focussing on change.

As a software solutions provider, we are constantly facing the challenge of how to provide something new; in other words to deliver the necessary change. As Dave Wilson, our Managing Director noted, one of the biggest challenges in that is ‘teaching our peers that for tech to advance, grow and produce change, it needs to work for people. It needs to enhance the lives of those who use it – not work against them’. 

Putting people first, and getting them to work together is, in Dave’s opinion, as vital in the digital age as it’s ever been. It’s all about those two key groups of people. The staff and the customers.

Click here to read our full interview via the Norfolk Chamber website.