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Office Efficiency

We know that it can be difficult to change the way you work.

We also know that without the right tools to help, even the simplest of tasks could be needlessly wasting your time – as well as your money and resources.

Let us set you up for success, with user-friendly software to help you innovate the way your staff create, compare and collaborate on documents.

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Seamless integration with your current IT solutions

Significant time saved across your organisation

Complete suite of solutions, from creation to collaboration

Managed adoption process, with training and IT Support

Office Efficiency

We know that it can be difficult to change the way you work, but we also know that without the right tools to help, even the simplest of tasks could be needlessly wasting your time – as well as your money and resources.

Let us set you up for success, with user-friendly software to increase office efficiencies, helping you to innovate the way your staff create, compare and collaborate on documents.

With our consultancy, Support, Bespoke Development and our extensive suite of solutions, we have helped a wide range of businesses to save time, money and energy.

How could Tiger Eye make my firm more efficient?

Here at Tiger Eye, we use our decades of Professional Services IT experience to recommend tried-and-trusted solutions for you, based around specific business requirements.

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We’re known for providing expertise, from the team that listens. Our friendly consultancy team will liaise with you to understand your business requirements and discover how you want to work more efficiently – and how we can tailor our out-of-the-box solutions to meet your needs.

Our solutions are designed and delivered with the human touch, to help your team to do what they do best, even better than before. We’ve helped clients across the globe to find, implement and utilise solutions for Document Comparison, Transaction Management, Redaction, Mobile Working, Document Bundling, GDPR Compliance, Metadata Management, and more.

"By listening to what we wanted to achieve, Tiger Eye delivered the solution we actually needed rather than the one we thought we needed."

Chris Simmons, Business System Director
Blueprint for Knowledge Management
Tiger Eye Tools
Tiger Eye Support

Office Efficiency

Enhance your Document Comparison, Data Loss Prevention and Transaction Management.

We’re proud partners of Workshare: the solutions provider of innovative solutions that integrate with Microsoft, iManage, the Google G Suite and more, to increase productivity and efficiency, without affecting the way your users work.

  • Document Comparison: Use Workshare Compare on your desktop or as a cloud-based app, to compare two documents more quickly and accurately than ever before.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Designed specifically for the legal industry, Workshare Secure for Data Loss Monitoring protects files shared throughout your business, detecting any loss of data or breaches of ethical walls.
  • Transaction Management: Workshare Transact converts checklists into an online workspace to allow your teams to track, assess and complete each and every task required to close your high-value deals.

Office Efficiency

Proud DocsCorp Partners.

DocsCorp’s tagline is “Work Smart” and their highly advanced suite of Cyber Security and efficiency tools help our clientele to do just that.

Tiger Eye offer all of DocsCorp’s advanced solutions, including:

14 lines of text:

  • Content Crawler for GDPR Compliance and finding your hidden documents
  • CleanDocs for metadata management and email recipient checking
  • CompareDocs for fast and accurate document comparison
  • PDFDocs for secure redaction and document bundling


Blueprint for Knowledge Management

Office Efficiency

Knowledge Management for iManage Work.

How do you know what you know?

Designed by users, for users, Blueprint is a fully customisable out-of-the-box companion for iManage Work that allows your users to submit, find and interact with knowhow, also allowing your administrators to profile, manage and review articles, all with a single click from their existing iManage and Outlook solutions.

Blueprint offers:

  • A user-friendly interface with one-click document nomination into your KM repository
  • Social functionality, with Liking, Commenting and Favouriting of content
  • Both simple and advanced document searching
  • Easy administration with the option to set future review dates
  • System customisation in line with your company’s branding
  • Custom taxonomy fields and document profiling designed by you
  • Configurable metadata fields, so that you decide how much context your users provide
Tiger Eye Tools

Office Efficiency

Increase efficiency by increasing the functionality of your DMS.

Our Tiger Eye tools were built around the needs of our valued clients, allowing them to enhance the functionality of their iManage system through custom add-ons and bolt-on solutions.

We know that the way you work is unique. Our Tiger Eye tools are the perfect companion suite for your iManage Work DMS, to customise the way your system works to suit your users. Our range includes tools for document migration, email encryption and more, but if you have a custom requirement for your iManage solution, why not get in touch to discover how Tiger Eye could develop a bespoke, custom-built add-on tool that truly works for you.

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Office Efficiency

Make the most out of your investment in IT with IT training, tailored for your team.

We know that change can sometimes be challenging – and can impact the way your users work. It is important to ensure that each and every member of your team is getting the most out of your investment – and following your codes of conduct. So, here at Tiger Eye, we offer tailored training on iManage, in addition to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and more, to ensure that all of your users have the skills they need to make the most out of your IT solutions.

Our full collection of workshops and training courses includes:

  • iManage User Workshop
  • iManage Share Workshop
  • Workshare Compare Workshop
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 Introduction
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 Introduction
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 Intermediate
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 Advanced
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Introduction
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Advanced
  • Microsoft Visio 2010 Introduction
  • Microsoft Visio 2010 Advanced
  • Microsoft Word 2010 Introduction
  • Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate
  • Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced
  • Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Introduction
  • Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Advanced
  • Train the Trainer
  • Team Development and Management
  • Time Management and Delegation

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Tiger Eye Support

Office Efficiency

Gain peace of mind with Tiger Eye Technical Support.

Digital doesn’t have to be disruptive. Our friendly team are there to lend a hand and ease the process of change that comes with adopting new technology.

Working with you, Tiger Eye develop a bespoke Support solution that meets your needs, analysing:

  • The IT solutions you currently have in place
  • Your number of users
  • Your location
  • Your office hours
  • How you want Support to work for you

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