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Legat Owen Chartered Surveyors

In Peter Owen’s words, Legat Owen were "bogged down by emails”.

Discover how Tiger Eye helped the Legat Owen team to easily manage their digital data.

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The background

Legat Owen Chartered Surveyors are a North West based commercial property consultancy who have an enviable customer base that spans the UK. From its beginnings in 1986, Peter Owen and his team have built up the business to offer advice across a whole spectrum of commercial property that includes industrial premises, offices, leisure and land.

Like many firms, the business has seen a radical change in the way day-to-day business is carried out. When Peter Owen started Legat Owen, business communications revolved around letters and the phone, and every job’s associated paperwork was physically stored in a filing cabinet. As email became the “new” manner in which to communicate with clients and other parties, it became more difficult to get a complete and full picture of each job. Because emails were stored on individual PCs, finding the latest details of a particular job meant hunting through Outlook. Worse still, if someone was away or had left the business, it made this task more difficult.


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Published on 22/02/2016