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iManage Document and Email Management

iManage Work is the market leading DMS, allowing users to file, store and manage not just their documents, but all work products – including emails, PDFS, and more.

Tiger Eye have been partners with iManage since we began back in 2005, that’s why our worldwide customer base trust us to manage the whole adoption process – from consultation,
to customising the solution, handling implementations,
training users and supporting teams.

We lead you through every step of
the Workplace Digital Transformation process.

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1 million+

Users worldwide

Gold standard iManage software used globally

Seamless integration with your existing software

Enhanced security, with cloud or server options

Significant time saving across an organisation


The Industry standard Document Management Solution

Why invest in iManage?

  • Does your firm have a substantial number of documents, emails and digital assets that need to be managed?
  • Does searching for key documents delay your working?
  • Are you looking for more control over the security and access of your documents?

The iManage DMS meets these needs and more. It is the industry standard Document Management Solution, bringing office working into the 21st Century, so that you can Save, Search and Secure your digital assets all in one place.

It’s the recommended paperless working solution for any company looking to gain control over their communication, both internally and externally, allowing users to store and manage their day-to-day work – including their client-confidential emails and documentation.

Used to categorise, store and secure all of your firm’s data, including emails, documents and more, iManage Work has a user-friendly search functionality, to help you to find and retrieve whatever it is you need to get the job done.


How does the iManage Document and Email Management system work?

iManage’s industry leading DMS uses an efficient database and search tool to group all of your related documents together, into a user-friendly, structured database.

Either using an on-site server, or the Cloud’s fully scalable ‘behind the scenes’ infrastructure, the iManage platform can scale to support any number of users and any size of firm.

iManage Work’s intuitive interface ensures a consistent experience across phones, tablets and desktops, ensuring that all of your team can easily adopt and make use of the system.

Available both on-premise and in the Cloud, iManage Work is the product of choice for compliance, reliability and security, used by millions of workers like you across the globe.

How could the Tiger Eye Team help you to make the most out of your DMS?

We know that the documents you produce each and every day are important to you. We know that the GDPR compliance and information governance strategies you’ve put in place to look after them are crucial to the way your firm operates. We know that your team are your greatest asset, and they need to collaborate and share documents across departments, offices and more. 

So, we use our decades of experience with this customisable software to tailor the iManage DMS to suit the way you work, adapting iManage Work to meet your business requirements, so that you can work on the go, just as efficiently as you do at your desk.

Through consultations, Tiger Eye help you to review your current IT, assess your needs and devise a plan for your installation project, working with you to decide what’s best for your business. Our adept team help you to adapt your processes and teach your team how to develop it going forward, so that as your firm grows, the solution grows with you.


Why choose Tiger Eye as your iManage provider?

Whether you’re an international firm, or a local specialist, we’re passionate about supporting your business with solutions that are tailored to suit your unique way of working.

As iManage Partners for over 15 years, we not only have an in-depth understanding of the iManage system, but we also have the skills needed to build on the solution, and customise it to suit the way your business operates.

We offer a range of bolt-on solutions for iManage, and custom development services for Document Management Systems as well as a technical support team to ensure that your tailored DMS is maintained as needed. With our range of end-to-end iManage services and solutions, we’re the chosen iManage Partner for clients across the globe.

To view our full range of solutions, including solutions for data and document management, click here to download our overview guide.

“Tiger Eye are always, polite, professional and knowledgeable and I look forward to working with the team for many years to come.”

Michael Kealy, Business Systems Manager, Sintons LLP
Industry-standard software
Changing the way we work
Work the way you want to
Integrated into your existing email application
Industry-standard software

iManage Document and Email Management

Relied upon by over 1 million professionals worldwide

iManage Work combines emails and documents into projects, so that you can keep tabs not only on the documentation you produce – but the communication surrounding it.

iManage Work is renowned for improving productivity and saving valuable billable time, in bringing together all that your users need into one, highly searchable repository.

Our team have decades of experience working with iManage’s advanced software – so we know how to make the implementation process as smooth as possible.

Read more about our experts here

Changing the way we work

iManage Document and Email Management

The state-of-the-art DMS isn’t just reserved for Lawyers

Revolutionising office working for Law, Insurance, Real Estate, Accountancy, Finance and the Media Sector.

Tiger Eye have implemented, updated, migrated and improved the iManage DMS for clients across the globe.

We know the solution works wonders for Lawyers, but with iManage Work’s customisable and user-friendly interface has also proven to enhance processes of working for firms in the Real Estate, Accountancy and Media sectors – and it could work for you, too.

Read more about our work here (link to Case Studies)

Work the way you want to

iManage Document and Email Management

Work from any device, anywhere, on-premise and in the Cloud

iManage Work 10 enterprise grade security provides a secured, governed environment for your work product.

Security is set by project or client, automatically enforced across emails and other work product and information is encrypted at rest to ensure compliance.

  • Maintain control with customer managed encryption keys (CMEK) by using cloud services (such as Microsoft Azure HSM) to manage the encryption of your iManage assets.
  • Improve usability by offering single-sign in to your users, with security changes automatically applied with Server-side re-filing.
Integrated into your existing email application

iManage Document and Email Management

Not all Digital Transformation needs to be disruptive

Integrating with Microsoft Office, Gmail, Adobe Acrobat and more, iManage Work allows users to manage their work products and communications from their familiar everyday applications, minimising disruption against their way of working.

With one-click filing, users save files directly into iManage from the “save” command in Office and Office 365.

Also integrating with document comparison solutions and other tools, iManage ensures that information governance is at the heart of every task your users carry out.


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