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Blueprint for Knowledge Management

Knowledge differentiates leading law firms from the rest.

Discover Blueprint: the comprehensive knowledge management solution for iManage that transforms knowledge capture, storage and retrieval.

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Tiger Eye Blueprint for iManage

Together, we're better.

What is Blueprint?

Built for iManage, Tiger Eye Blueprint is a comprehensive knowledge management (KM) solution for knowledge sharing, capture, storage and retrieval (searching).

Blueprint supports users throughout the entire knowledge sharing and retrieval workflow, ensuring that know-how is easily accessible, highly sharable and ready to use. Designed specifically for legal knowledge management, the system integrates seamlessly with iManage, with knowledge assets stored within a separate knowledge-specific iManage database. Download our product brochure to learn more.

Our law firm Knowledge Management software is trusted by firms around the world, who benefit from having a wealth of curated knowledge and collective experience at their fingertips. If you’d like to take advantage of your organisation’s know-how, get in touch to find out more.

Your firm’s knowledge, managed

Tiger Eye have worked with leading law firms to identify and address many of the key knowledge management requirements. Using their valuable, real-world experience and understanding, we developed Blueprint for iManage.

Blueprint for iManage allows firms to build a curated collection of best practice documents, governed by fully-customisable document taxonomies which categorise and manage key know-how. Blueprint was rebuilt for enhanced cloud scalability in 2023, with a whole host of new curation features added including knowledge bundling and much more. The system also tracks usage across organisations, providing detailed reporting to monitor knowledge engagement and identify knowledge gaps.

Meeting users where they work most often, Blueprint’s in-built search platform can be accessed directly via Blueprint or via existing search engines through seamless integrations.

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How will using Blueprint benefit my business?

Using Blueprint, firms can create gatekeeper-approved knowledge libraries. Users can access these curated databases to easily find key resources at the point of need. This removes time waste in knowledge retrieval workflows, freeing up teams to focus on high-value legal work.

  • Blueprint simplifies know-how submission, with documents and assets nominated for knowledge libraries with single-click actions
  • The system ensures critical knowledge is embedded throughout firms, facilitating decision making and minimising the risk of repeated errors
  • As all knowledge stored in Blueprint is reviewed, tracked and updated, Blueprint builds confidence in internal knowledge and acts as a ‘single source of truth’ for all teams

Collaborate with confidence

With knowledge browsing and a wide range of knowledge interaction functionality, Blueprint supports all users to engage with knowledge. Through making know-how highly accessible to all staff, Blueprint encourages partners and fee-earners alike to share best practice documents with others, helping firms to future-proof practices and stay competitive.

Underpinned by iManage security

Blueprint integrates seamlessly with iManage, with knowledge assets stored within a separate knowledge-specific iManage database.

The system’s flexible architecture enables knowledge to be stored on premises, in the iManage Cloud and on Cloud iManage. The newly redeveloped system delivers full REST compatibility for the iManage platform, as well as flexible authentication, connecting with iManage Cloud, Cloud iManage and self-hosted iManage systems. Utilising the same market-leading security capabilities as the iManage Work platform, Blueprint offers unrivalled protection for valuable legal know-how.

With this, Blueprint is the next step for iManage user firms looking to unlock the knowledge stored in their iManage system. Download our overview guide to learn more about The iManage Knowledge Journey.

Al Tamimi & Co.
William Fry
Al Tamimi & Co.

Blueprint for Knowledge Management

“Before Blueprint, the firm’s knowledge was scattered throughout our iManage document management system and was difficult to locate. With the system’s functionality, we can now ensure our know-how is not only centralised, but easily accessible via the system’s search functionality.”


– Zane Anani, PSL, Al Tamimi & Co.

William Fry

Blueprint for Knowledge Management



“Blueprint perfectly reflects our knowledge strategy and our ambition to have user-friendly tech solutions to support knowledge creation and sharing.”


– Gillian Lynch, Director of Knowledge, William Fry

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