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Blueprint for Knowledge Management

Knowledge differentiates leading law firms from the rest. Effective Knowledge Management is critical for developing and maintaining a competitive edge.

Discover Blueprint: the KM solution designed by law firms, for law firms, for Knowledge Management success.

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Cultivate and control of all your firm’s knowledge and expertise

Encourage engagement with one-click nomination

Redesign your workflow, profiling documents with correct metadata

Easily add taxonomies and tagging to knowledge

Meet your Knowledge Management requirements with Blueprint

Together, we're better.

What is Blueprint?

Seamlessly integrated into iManage, Blueprint is a Knowledge Management solution that gives each and every member of your team the ability to search, contribute, interact with and share in your knowledge strategy, to play a vital role in forming your know-how database.

Developed by Tiger Eye, Blueprint is the Knowledge Management tool for iManage designed from the ground up for law firms from those within the field.

Our law firm Knowledge Management software has already helped firms like yours to create a curated collection of knowledge and take advantage of their team’s wealth of collective experience.

If you’d like to make better use of your organisation’s know-how, get in touch to find out more.

Your firm’s knowledge, managed

Tiger Eye have worked with leading law firms to identify and address many of the key knowledge management requirements.

Using valuable, real-world experience and understanding, we developed Blueprint for iManage.

Blueprint for iManage allows firms to build a curated collection of best practice documents with fully-customisable document taxonomies, to categorise and manage key know-how. The system tracks usage across the firm to enable detailed reporting, for use with KPI reporting and knowledge strategy refinement.

Users can access documents using Blueprint’s in-built search platform or you can integrate Blueprint with an existing search engine.

Access our ROI Calculators

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How will using Blueprint benefit my business?

Using Blueprint, firms can create gatekeeper-approved knowledge libraries. With this, users can easily find and store key resources in one place – minimising time wasted on searching multiple silos and freeing up teams to focus on more high-value tasks.

  • Workflows have been designed with extensive KM team consultation to simplify know-how submission for lawyers and maximise user engagement.
  • The knowledge embedded in your firm can be accessed throughout the practice, facilitating decision making, encouraging the free flow of ideas and improving service to clients.
  • Because documents are reviewed and approved, partners and their teams have the confidence that they are up to date and definitive.
  • Input from leading firms along with Tiger Eye’s wide experience managing IT systems for legal clients, means that Blueprint is a knowledge management tool that answers law firms’ needs in a way no other software can.

Collaborate with confidence

Minimise time wasted in lengthy meetings with virtual document collaboration. With document commenting and the ability to add ‘favourite’ documents, Blueprint offers your users a whole host of ways to interact with know-how and share best practice documents with others, helping you to future-proof your firm’s practices.

There’s now more pressure than ever to monitor your users’ activity to report against KPIs. So, Blueprint manages the monitoring process for you, generating reports to help you to better understand how your users are interacting with your Blueprint system.






“It’s a very intuitive and structured process, maintaining a good level of control while staying efficient”.

Zane Anani, PSL, Al Tamimi
Community led
Community led

Blueprint for Knowledge Management

Drive the future of Blueprint with membership to the Blueprint User Community

Our KM solution is designed by law firms, for law firms. So, we welcome all of our Blueprint clients to meet twice a year for our Blueprint User Community meetings, to tell us how they’re making the most out of their system – and where they would like added functionality.

We then review the suggestions and add them to the Blueprint Roadmap, so our clients know when to expect new releases, to see and use they changes they’ve been looking for.

To learn more about our Blueprint User Community, read our feature in ILTA’s Peer to Peer Magazine.



Blueprint for Knowledge Management

Keep control of your tried-and-tested industry knowledge within your highly secure Blueprint database

We know that you selected iManage for its intuitive user-friendly interface – and its highly-secure data storage – so that you can control what’s important to you. We think your KM system should offer you the same benefits.

Blueprint uses iManage Work’s in-built security to offer our clients peace of mind that their key documents are safe and secure in their KM system.

Blueprint helps you to stay in control of your data, through:

  • Publishing and versioning Knowledge, to ensure your data is kept up-to-date
  • Duplication detection, so that your knowledge base is easier to administer
  • A workflow approach, so that you can profile your documents with correct metadata
  • Periodic document reviews, so that your documents don’t go out to date
  • Knowledge rejection, so that you can eliminate know-how that isn’t relevant, correct or appropriate

Blueprint for Knowledge Management

Configure your system to suit your needs

We know that no two businesses are the same. Blueprint is highly configurable, meaning that each and every Blueprint build is tailored to the company that powers it.

From company branding, to bespoke taxonomies for custom knowledge structuring, Blueprint is an out-of-the-box solution that adapts to meet the needs of its users.

No matter the size of firm, customisation comes as standard with our Blueprint package. Blueprint customisation includes:

  • Your company logo included in Blueprint’s ribbon and search page
  • Two colours added to the Blueprint system in-line with your company branding
  • Custom metadata configuration, so you decide how much background your users need to provide for each nomination
  • Custom taxonomy design, so you decide how to structure your data

Blueprint for Knowledge Management

Access our highly advanced KM software for an affordable price, paid per user

We think Knowledge Management should be available to everyone.

So, we made Blueprint affordable and suitable for both SMEs and large firms alike.

Fully scalable, we allow our clients to add and remove users as and when they need to.

Designed with users in mind, Blueprint is cost-effective, with a fixed cost per user, paid annually/monthly for subscriptions.

So, whether your firm has 100 or 20,000 users, Blueprint will offer you the same intuitive solution for KM success, at the same affordable price.

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