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Womble Bond Dickinson

Learn how our DocuSign and iManage integration
saves Womble Bond Dickinson 10 minutes per
document, streamlining their
eSigning workflow.

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The background

Like many firms during the pandemic, Womble Bond Dickinson (WBD) adopted DocuSign to simplify contracts for clients and employees.

However, the multi-step process of working with DocuSign and the firm’s iManage document management system was proving to be inefficient. Gathering user feedback, WBD identified an opportunity to streamline processes between the two platforms.

As Tom Humberstone, IT Applications and Development Manager at WBD, explained: “It soon became clear that working with DocuSign and iManage as separate platforms was unnecessarily complex, with a workflow that proved to be time-consuming. We trialled Tiger Eye’s Send and Sign and found that the powerful integration offered significant time savings, automating the filing of signed contracts into iManage and mitigating the risk of signed contracts being siloed to DocuSign.”

After successful testing with a pilot group, the firm adopted the integration – and users are delighted with the results. As one of WBD’s core users commented: “Thank you for paving the way and making our lives easier”. Suzanne Gado, Legal Director at WBD, added: “Tiger Eye’s Send and Sign significantly reduces admin time. Now our lawyers can focus on more important matters – lawyering!”

Reflecting on the firm’s adoption, Humberstone added that: “Tiger Eye’s DocuSign and iManage integration saves us on average 10 minutes per document, significantly streamlining our eSigning workflow. Since we adopted the integration (in November 2021), we have sent 1,264 documents using Send and Sign, saving the firm 12,640 minutes (or 210 hours). We are delighted by these impressive time savings.”


Download the full case study

Click here to download our Tiger Eye Send and Sign case study 


About Tiger Eye Send and Sign: the eSignature integration for iManage 

About Tiger Eye Send and Sign: the eSignature integration for iManage

Send and Sign streamlines the e-signing workflow by enabling documents to be sent for digital signature from within iManage with a simple right click action, removing the need for users to switch between applications in the digital signing process.

Send and Sign is part of the Tiger Eye Tools for iManage suite – a selection of Cloud-ready solutions designed to enable firms to improve efficiency, productivity and compliance. To learn more about the range, please visit our website.