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iManage Merger Management Bundle

Simplify your iManage database consolidation and migration

Discover our comprehensive iManage Merger Management Bundle

Mergers and acquisitions can put significant pressure on IT teams. Uniting critical systems such as iManage databases can be a particularly daunting project, entailing complex, time-consuming tasks such as data migration and database cleansing.

We developed our iManage Merger Management Bundle to simplify this multi-phase process for iManage user firms, delivering all of the solutions and services needed for a seamless database migration (or consolidation) in one comprehensive bundle. 

Our iManage Merger Management Bundle has been carefully curated using our extensive database consolidation experience and technical knowledge, with data migration and transition support included, as well as fully-managed services delivered across all of the project stages. 

The iManage Merger Management Bundle supports firms through the following project phases:

  • Project planning and goal setting
  • Database cleansing and refinement
  • Data migrations and database consolidation

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About Us
As iManage Partners since 2005, we not only have an in-depth understanding of the iManage system, but we also have the skills needed to build on the solution, and customise it to suit the way your business operates.

Unlike other vendors, we offer a uniquely comprehensive range of iManage solutions and services, supporting firms throughout the document lifecycle with effective solutions for compliance, collaboration and productivity. We have helped leading firms around the world to reduce time waste and improve productivity using iManage and our trusted range of Tiger Eye Tools. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our range of solutions and services for iManage.

Bundle Contents

Phase 1: Pre-Merger Support
Preparation and Scheduling

Pre-merger Consultancy Package: Merger Preparation
• Provision of migration preparation workshops with our lead consultants
• Assisted creation of project plans, schedules and timeframes following best
practice and Tiger Eye’s experience with previous mergers

Phase 2: Pre-Merger Database Transformation
Database Migration Preparation

Database Preparation and Pre-Migration Refinement Services
• Database migration preparation, ensuring that databases are aligned before
data is moved or consolidated
• Target database analysis with content renaming and PMS renumbering carried
out where needed to for consistency

Phase 3: Pre-Merger Database Transformation
Database Consolidation and/or Migration

Export and Import Management: Migration and Refinement
• Comprehensive database migration powered by Tiger Eye Migration Duo
• Additional refiling and renumbering support provided when necessary (optional)

Phase 4: Transition Support
Post-Migration Assistance

Transition Support Package: Consultancy and Training
• Final reviews with our lead consultants to assess any final requirements
• Additional iManage training provided if iManage systems are upgraded during
the transition (optional)

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