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IT Consultancy

Finding the right solutions for your business takes resources, time - and specialist expertise.

Our IT Consultants can help you through every step of the solution adoption process: from analysis and selection through to customisation, implementation and training.

Contact our team today to discover how we could help you to work to achieve your business goals with technology.

IT Consultancy from the Document and Email Management Experts

Benefit from our years of experience in Professional Services IT by utilising our expert consultants for your projects

Why use an IT Consultant? 

IT Consultants help businesses to leverage technology to reach business goals, supporting customers in improving various areas of their business including agility, performance, security, compliance and much more.

IT consultants can help you through a range of processes – from researching solutions, managing third party relationships, or helping with implementations and user adoptions. IT Consultants work to understand every aspect of your business, as well as your expectations and targets – to help you to discover how IT could support you to achieve these goals.

Whether you are looking for infrastructure advice, software recommendations or someone to manage a large-scale upgrade, IT Consultants can respond to your specific needs and requests, using their skills and market understanding to provide you with guidance, wherever you need it.

To learn more about why businesses like yours use IT Consultants, click here to read our overview.

What makes Tiger Eye’s IT Consultants unique?

Our team are widely experienced in Professional Services IT, and have held in-house positions at a range of firms throughout their careers. It is this unmatched expertise and understanding of the role of IT within such organisations that makes our consultancy services so distinctive.

Unlike other IT Consultants in our field, we are also trusted IT providers to a broad range of clientele, so we truly understand the importance of the vendor/client relationship.

We have a range of software partners, including iManage, Mimecast, Litera, Tessian and more, and we can leverage these existing relationships to offer our clients an unparalleled consultancy service, so that they can meet budgets, timescales and user requirements.

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How could Tiger Eye’s IT Consultants benefit my business?

Our IT Consultants can provide support, advice and guidance whenever you need it, in areas such as:

  • Diagnosing challenges and highlighting areas of improvement within your business operations
  • Acting as a neutral adviser for the selection of new IT products
  • Assisting with projects, where internal resources are unavailable or skills are limited
  • Managing the software analysis, selection, implementation and onboarding process 
  • Acting as a dedicated, external point of guidance for all IT requirements 
  • Supporting you with creating long-term IT strategies, in line with growth plans and goals
  • Building a future-proof infrastructure, so your business can scale and change as needed
  • Carrying out independent Service Reviews, providing a comprehensive analysis of your existing IT set-up and offering best practice guidance for areas of improvement

We are also uniquely positioned to support you in all aspects of Document and Email Management, including:

    • Applying our unmatched understanding of Document and Email Management to review your existing systems and workflows to advise you on areas of improvement
    • Utilising our unrivalled experience of Document Management to suggest areas where additional training is needed, making use of our existing relationships with vendors to find the right training provider for you
    • Using our in-depth knowledge of Professional Services operations to build an initial IT Strategy for firms of all types, in accordance with growth plans such as staff onboarding
    • Offering technical guidance for DMS implementations, explaining every step of the process
    • Providing end-to-end Project Management for DMS Projects, from our team of in-house iManage experts

"In my 30 years in IT, Tiger Eye rate as one of the best I have worked with."

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