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iManage Cloud Migration Package

Accelerate your move to the iManage Cloud with Tiger Eye

Learn more about our unique iManage Cloud Migration Package 

Cloud momentum is growing – but is your firm ready to make the move? Our fully-managed iManage Cloud Migration Package unites all of the solutions and services needed for a smooth cloud transition in one cost-effective bundle.

We developed our iManage Cloud Migration Package to enable iManage user firms (and those using other document management solutions) to easily move their systems to the iManage Cloud, without needing to manage relationships between multiple vendors during the process. With our cost-effective package, firms can streamline their migration process, with project management, database cleansing and data migration all fully managed by our iManage specialists.

Our iManage Cloud Migration Package supports firms during the following phases of the migration process:

  • Project planning and goal setting
  • Database cleansing and refinement
  • Data migration (including monitoring and progress reporting)
  • (Optional) Training and enhancements

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About Us
As a longstanding iManage Partner, we have been trusted by a range of leading businesses to implement, customise and optimise the iManage document management system.

Unlike other iManage Partners, we work in true partnership with our clients to maximise their investment in iManage, supporting firms throughout the document lifecycle with effective solutions for compliance, collaboration and productivity. Leading law firms around the world rely on our Tiger Eye Tools to reduce time waste and improve productivity. Discover our full range of iManage add-ons by visiting our Tiger Eye Tools webpage.

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Package Contents

Phase 1: Project Guidance
Planning and Scheduling Assistance

  • Migration Consultancy: Guided creation of migration schedules and resourcing plans
    Cloud Provisioning: Fully-managed configuration and provisioning of an iManage Cloud instance

Phase 2: Pre-Migration Support
Database Preparation

  • Integration and SQL Management: Full review of integrations/custom SQL tasks, with Universal API approved
    replacements sourced where necessary (including development services if needed)
  • Database Cleansing/Preparation: Database cleansing/preparation powered by Tiger Eye GDPR Delete and Tiger Eye
    Archiver: two user-friendly solutions for database management
  • Database Refinement: Final database preparations, e.g., managing incorrectly-filed documents and emails

Phase 3: Migration Management
Database Consolidation and Migration

  • Database Migration: Comprehensive database migration powered by
    Prosperoware’s Cloud Migrator, with detailed reports throughout the process
  • Launch Support: Comprehensive support following the database switch over, including the delivery of
    any necessary changes to desktop machines

Phase 4: Post-Migration Optimisation
Database Futureproofing

  • Workspace Generation Optimisation: Workflow streamlining, powered by Workspace generation automation solutions

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