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Choosing the right knowledge management technology for your law firm

As featured on Legal Support Network

With remote workforces and hybrid work environments set to become commonplace in the post-COVID era, we have seen a number of law firms renew their focus on improving knowledge sharing, knowledge access and collaboration. This is often due to the absence of informal knowledge sharing by the water cooler in remote working environments, which frequently impacts productivity and efficiency.

A Knowledge Management software solution should make the dissemination of knowledge easier and faster for people by providing them with the tools that they need. But how do you find the right Knowledge Management solution for your law firm? At Tiger Eye, we have partnered with a range of firms to improve their knowledge collation, curation and sharing, as well as their collaborative capabilities. So, we have used our experience to put together this guide for the Legal Support Network, highlighting how firms can select the right KM technologies for their business, their teams and their end users...

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