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Dave Wilson Shares KM Technology Insights with Legal Innovation and Technology Today

Insights Featured In Issue #32 of Legal Innovation and Technology Today from Legal IT Professionals 


Our Managing Director, Dave Wilson, was pleased to be invited to comment on the latest trends in Legal Knowledge Management technologies for Legal Innovation and Technology Today. In the magazine, Dave highlighted prevailing themes in the KM technology market for the year ahead and beyond, discussing knowledge retrieval, A.I. and much more.

Below is an excerpt from the feature:

"Whilst there is much talk of automation as a key trend in the industry at the moment, I have found this to be a bit of a buzzword. Largely we have found the uptake in such technologies to be slow, as firms explore automation in theory, rather than in practice.

At Tiger Eye we are finding that in reality many firms are going ‘back to basics’ to make sure that the documents at the heart of their practice are managed effectively. For some, a reliance on virtual knowledge retrieval has highlighted issues with their database set up, taxonomies, and document tagging, with users becoming frustrated that their knowledge searches are bringing back irrelevant or inaccurate information. For others, hybrid working has shed a light on inefficiencies within knowledge review processes, with limited systems restricting the knowledge team’s ability to make sure know-how is in date, approved and ready for use. In both cases, firms are being spurred on to revisit their curation efforts, as the legal industry recognises the need to manage their ever-mounting data stores and bring order to their knowledge banks."

To read the full feature, click here to download your copy of Legal Innovation and Technology Today.

Announcement published 12th January 2022




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