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Interview | KM Conversations: Knowledge, Efficiency and Productivity

KM Conversations: Knowledge, Efficiency and Productivity 

with Jenni Tellyn, writer and KM Consultant at 3Kites

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What role does Knowledge Management play in the ever-changing world of work? How can KM teams support their firms with efficiency, productivity and the all-important competitive edge? 

In this KM Conversations interview, Dave Wilson speaks with KM Consultant Jenni Tellyn to learn more about her experience with legal process efficiency, productivity and the role of the billable hour for modern law firms. The interview focuses on Jenni’s vast experience with knowledge management and efficiency initiatives, and her work at firms such as White & Case and Allen and Overy, and Stephenson Harwood. 

Within the discussion, Dave and Jenni explore the potential impact that legal knowledge management can have on law firm efficiency and productivity, covering various topics from measuring success to the importance of collaboration. The discussion also covers a range of other key legal knowledge management themes including law firm innovation, knowledge sharing cultures and agile working.

Watch the interview to uncover:

  • Jenni’s experience with the billable hour and innovation
  • How the role of knowledge management could change in years to come
  • The lessons Jenni has learned from her experience as a legal knowledge management leader
  • Jenni’s advice for measuring the impact of knowledge management initiatives

Please note: this interview was recorded in August 2022.


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