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Tiger Eye Guidebook: The Knowledge Life Cycle

Learn how knowledge is created, shared, transferred and managed in a modern business in our eGuide to the Knowledge Life Cycle.

Using insights from industry experts, as well as our own experience of working with firms across the globe, we have created this overview guide to help you to understand the flow of knowledge within organisations - and how you can work smarter with your firm's know-how.

Research conducted by Deloitte outlines that even in 2020, “many organisations remain focused on – and struggle with – the basics of Knowledge Management.” 

Yet, Knowledge Management is more crucial to business success now than it has ever been. In a world where robotics and machine learning solutions are being adopted at a rapid pace, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your firm’s knowledge is effectively and efficiently managed. Otherwise, such AI-driven projects are bound to prove futile, as machine learning solutions need to draw from centralised, organised and approved know-how libraries in order to breed success.

We think every business should be able to understand and utilise KM to achieve more with their collective experience. So, we created this guide to the knowledge life cycle, to help you to understand how knowledge plays a role in every element of business and how knowledge flows from one person to another within a modern organisation. Using our experience within the Knowledge Management field, we want to guide you through the basics of the Knowledge Life Cycle, so you no longer need to struggle with the basics of Knowledge Management itself.


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