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Alex Wilson Celebrates Ten Years at Tiger Eye 

This month, our Technical Analyst, Alex Wilson, celebrates ten years with Tiger Eye. We interviewed Alex to find out more about his career to date, and gain insights on his thoughts on the future of legal technology.



How has your role developed and grown across the decade?

I began my time at Tiger Eye as a member of the Technical Support team, and my role was Junior Helpdesk Analyst. I built up my skills and then became Support Team Manager, a role I held for a few years, helping provide our support services and managing projects within the team too. We were a relatively small team at the time, so our roles were quite broad. Once our Project Delivery team was established, I moved here, and this is where I am to this day. In my role, I work with clients on either implementing iManage, or upgrading and optimising their iManage systems. I love getting to work with such a variety of customers and working with a range of different iManage modules and Tiger Eye products, too.

Over the last ten years, life outside of work has changed for me and so too has my role within the Project Delivery Team. With a growing family, I moved to a 4-day working week to spend more time with them, which is something Tiger Eye readily facilitated for me. This allows me to achieve a good work life balance and this flexibility is something I really value.



What have been the best moments of your ten years at Tiger Eye?

My time at Tiger Eye has been made by my colleagues who have now become true friends. We are a close team and share a sense of humour, so attending events and visiting clients together has always been enjoyable. In my time at Tiger Eye, I have had the opportunity to travel, visiting clients in Malta and Jersey. I have always enjoyed meeting face to face with clients and this is something I hope to do more of in the future. In 2018, we went to the British Legal Technology Awards and it was fantastic to dress up for the occasion and celebrate our team together with my colleagues and others in the industry. We also have a great wellbeing scheme at Tiger Eye, and I’ve always enjoyed taking part in our social events. We had brilliant games nights as a team, and I enjoyed showing the team some VR games that I enjoy playing myself.


How do you think the iManage document and email platform has changed over the past decade? Do you see firms using it differently now than they were when you first started working with the system?

There is sometimes a resistance to change in the legal sector, but we have seen changes in both the platform and how individuals approach the system. When iManage Work 10 was first introduced, it was quite different for classic clients, and they had a lot of feedback for iManage. This is something we’ve also seen with the introduction of iManage Cloud. Due to remote working demands and the End of Life of legacy iManage applications, the initial fears around data security are subsiding and we are seeing more and more firms embrace the move. The cost-effectiveness and increased security of the iManage Cloud is difficult to replicate with traditional hosting approaches, and so we are now supporting an increasing number of firms with their cloud migrations. Just as before, there was a slow rate of change - but there is absolutely change happening and for a while now we have felt the tide shifting.


Which projects have you found most rewarding over your ten years at Tiger Eye?

The greatest projects are those where clients truly embrace change and demonstrate a collaborative ethos in their approach.

I have greatly enjoyed working with Mills & Reeve on their move to the iManage Cloud and supporting Roythornes solicitors with their iManage Cloud migration, too.

As Dave, our Managing Director, said to me when I joined, ‘Our goal is to act like an extension of our client’s team – and for them to feel as though we are truly a part of the firm’. This can be difficult to achieve, so I take great pride when clients tell me that they feel this way. In all of my project calls it feels like a catch up with colleagues and friends – and this is truly a great feeling. I look forward to continuing to work with our clients for many years to come.



Over your ten years at Tiger Eye, you've worked with a wide range of law firms from boutique outfits to global firms. Reflecting on your experience, how do you think the legal technology landscape will change over the next decade?

With the increasing Cloud momentum, I believe firms will begin to discover the wide range of other tools that they will now be able to leverage, as these will be much easier to implement on cloud infrastructure. Applications such as iManage Security Policy Manager and Records Manager will start to be utilised more, with these additional layers further boosting firm efficiency and security.

I think that integrations are becoming more popular than ever, such as those that link iManage and the firm’s practice management system. Recently I have been more involved in Tiger Eye Tool projects, supporting firms with Tiger Eye Workspace Automate adoptions, and it is really rewarding to help firms to reduce difficulties and streamline tasks within what should be simple processes through the delivery of the integration. For example, even for firms that want to make simple changes in their PMS (such as editing security access and automatically generating documents and emails), they have found significant time savings through the integration, with such changes automatically reflected in their DMS. I am sure that with more and more firms realising these benefits, the trend towards system integration will only increase over the coming months.


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