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Workspace Automate for iManage

Automating the workspace creation and modification workflow to boost firmwide productivity

Tiger Eye Workspace Automate

The Trusted iManage and Practice Management System Integration

Tiger Eye Workspace Automate is a powerful backend console-based tool, enabling iManage user firms to automate the workspace creation and modification process.

Integrating iManage seamlessly with common legal business intake solutions, such as Practice Management Systems, Workspace Automate runs continuous background synchronisations to ensure that changes made in other business-critical systems reflect automatically in the DMS. This minimises time wasted in document and email workflows, increasing firmwide productivity by mitigating the need for manual data upkeep.

Workspace Automate allows system administrators to monitor the synchronisation pipeline in real-time, with the tool delivering regular updates about the status of automation actions. The system’s real-time updates can also be incorporated into existing monitoring processes, in order to support effective firm-wide reporting.

Workspace Automate is compatible with iManage Cloud, on-premises and Cloud iManage systems. Application support is included as standard.


Product Features

Workspace Automate enables:

  • The creation and modification of workspaces based on data drawn from target sources (utilising iManage custom value fields and standard iManage metadata such as author, operator, name etc).
  • The analysis of data from both SQL table sources and/or CSV files, in accordance with defined schemas.
  • Both updating and overriding of workspace metadata as required. 
  • The application of iManage templates for new and existing workspaces, including the application and inheritance of security settings.
  • The creation of subfolder trees, the removal of complete folders (and descendants) as specified via source data, and the creation and/or deletion of workspace shortcuts.


Product Summary

Workspace Automate is…

  • Compatible with iManage Cloud, Cloud iManage and on-premises iManage systems.
  • Built to deliver comprehensive background logging to aid troubleshooting.
  • Able to integrate with ethical wall solutions via webhook events.
  • Also able to manage the bulk re-filing of workspaces.
  • Delivered with technical support as standard (additional support packages are also available).

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