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Tiger Eye Announce New Legal Tech Webinar, ‘Streamlining Legal Workflows with Tiger Eye Tools for iManage’

9th April 2024 | Announcement 


Tiger Eye has launched a free-to-access event for all legal professionals, highlighting how firms can streamline legal workflows using Tiger Eye Tools for iManage. 

This follows insights from the Briefing/HSBC law firm strategy survey 2023-2024, within which 77% of respondents felt that peers with more tech-driven business models had the greatest potential to disrupt the UK legal market*. During the event, Tiger Eye’s Product Manager, Rob Taylor, will explore how firms can use iManage add-ons and integrations to streamline legal workflows, in order to boost efficiency, work more productively and maintain a competitive edge.

The webinar will take place on the 21st of May 2024, at 3pm (GMT). To discover how your firm could use technology to boost productivity, register here.


*Source: Briefing/HSBC Law Firm Strategy Survey 2023-2024