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GDPR Delete for iManage

GDPR Delete offers a range of customizable deletion requests for database management and compliance in-line with data regulations such as the GDPR.

Tiger Eye GDPR Delete for iManage

Tiger Eye GDPR Delete enables users to delete all workspaces, folders and documents from a selected client within iManage. This tool can be useful for database minimisation, and for deletions for compliance purposes such as those in-line with data regulations.

GDPR Delete offers a range of customisable deletion requests for database management and compliance purposes. Users can also delete document metadata, and set deletions based on date ranges.

To mitigate the risk of user error, GDPR Delete offers a pre-flight check mode function which enables users to utilise and run the tool without deleting  content.  Using this, the system produces detailed reports on the content found, and highlights the number of misfiled documents. Therefore, this can be useful for analysing content stored in the iManage DMS.


Product Features

  • An intuitive interface for mass and small-scale deletions with precision and accuracy
  • Customisable deletion requests, including the ability to set deletions by date ranges, metadata and more
  • The ability to delete misfiled documents
  • Pre-flight deletion mode for pre-deletion reports on content stored in iManage – and to minimise the risk of human error in deletion
  • Deletions using CSV files or DMS search

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