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Guardian for iManage

Minimising the risk of human error in collaborative workflows by monitoring and validating iManage document links sent via email

Tiger Eye Guardian for iManage

Tiger Eye Guardian is an effective plug-in for Outlook, which monitors outgoing email messages to assess and validate all iManage document links shared via email. Minimising the risk of human error in collaborative workflows, Guardian analyses all iManage document links (.nrl links) sent via email, alerting users if message recipients are not on the security permissions list for files shared.

If a recipient does not have access to a document link they have been sent, Guardian prompts the email sender to edit/update security access for the document. From the system’s user-friendly interface, users can add email recipients to permissions lists if needed, or send original documents. This reduces time waste in collaborative workflows by cutting out the need for recipients to request access to documents they do not have permission to open.

From a compliance perspective, Guardian protects users and the firm against the risk of accidentally sending incorrect files externally, and ensures that ‘need-to-know’ security measures are maintained via email.

The solution can also be used in conjunction with a range of other email security solutions to provide additional prompts to users and deliver a truly comprehensive security barrier for Outlook.


Product Features

Guardian ensures:

  • Outgoing email messages with .nrl attachments are not sent until permissions are confirmed.
  • Emails are not sent until all target recipients are confirmed to have access to the content to be shared.
  • System administrators are able to whitelist specific domains to prevent Guardian intercepting emails to approved sites.

Once an outgoing email is intercepted, a user can:

  • Provide access to the target documents to the selected recipient, modifying the security settings for the document itself in the source DMS.
  • Attach the actual file instead, removing the .nrl link.


Technical Information:

  • Guardian is compatible with iManage Cloud, on-premises and Cloud iManage systems.
  • Technical support is included as standard.

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