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Migration Duo for iManage

With an intuitive interface and range of filters available, Migration Duo is a trusted solution for end-to-end migration management.

Tiger Eye Migration Duo

Migrating data between repositories can be a time-consuming and complex process without the right solution. Tiger Eye Migration Duo is specifically designed to enable users to efficiently import and export clients, workspaces, matters and documents with precision and accuracy.

With user-friendly importing and exporting, this dual-component tool can be used for backup management and other data admin tasks, with system reports produced for audits and review. Using Migration Duo’s refined migration process, users can migrate clients, workspaces and matters with ease.

With an intuitive interface and range of filters available, the system can be used effectively for large and small migration projects with maximum accuracy and minimal effort.

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Product Features

Tiger Eye Migration Duo is a robust and feature-rich tool, offering a range of functionality for fast and reliable migrations.

Using Migration Duo, users can:

  • Migrate between file systems and iManage Work
  • Carry out mass exports and/or refined exports
  • Apply filters to content sources, with options to filter by date range, document type, document class and more
  • Customise system processing
  • Retain records of original iManage metadata through export CSV files
  • Import structured content to iManage through the use of CSV files, minimising the need for restructuring after import
  • Set import access rights by iManage user type
  • Report on migrations using Migration Duo’s reports
  • Store legacy iManage metadata (such as document numbers) in import columns


Use Cases

Designed for efficiency and accuracy, Migration Duo is suitable for large and small migration projects and can be used for backup management, workspace exporting, metadata mapping and much more.

Examples of use cases for Migration Duo include:

  • Full end-to-end migrations with metadata mapping
  • Efficient creation and maintenance of backup iManage databases
  • The preservation of legacy matter-centric workspaces with structures retained
  • Exporting content from iManage whilst retaining the original iManage metadata and folder structure
  • Mass importing content from file systems to iManage

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