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Template Manager for iManage

Tiger Eye Template Manager is an add-in for Microsoft Word for effective template creation, management and use with iManage Work and the iManage Cloud.

Trusted by a range of professional services firms in a broad range of industries, Template Manager is an essential tool for streamlining document creation workflows.

Tiger Eye Template Manager for iManage

Tiger Eye Template Manager is an add-in for Microsoft Word which provides template users and designers with a range of functionality for effective template creation and use.

Template Manager allows users to access their firm’s document templates from within iManage Work, with access available through the Microsoft Word ribbon.

Template Manager Administrators can easily create document templates within Microsoft Word by initialising documents as templates, and adding fields to their chosen document for user completion. Administrators can request for fields such as names, dates, and contact information to be filled by the template user, in consistent formats with branding in keeping with company house styles. Template Authors can also make use of Template Manager’s range of fully-customisable field options with a range of field types including single line text, multi-line text, time and date, as well as options for check boxes and ‘combo-boxes’ which enable users to select items from lists.

Information can also be drawn from the iManage DMS and pre-populated for users to increase document production efficiency. Matter numbers, document numbers and document version numbers can all be easily added to templates for autocompletion upon saving to the DMS, as well as document author details and other auto-fill fields such as document date and time.

Templates can be effectively secured by department or document type, and can be governed by iManage permissions for limited template access.


Product Features

  • Easy template use from the Microsoft Word ribbon.
  • Intuitive template creation functionality with a range of custom fields for documents including contracts and more.
  • Effective template management with permissions set by document type, or iManage permissions.
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