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TEC Tools

We know that the way you work is unique.

Our TEC Tools are the perfect companion suite for your iManage Work DMS, to customise the way your system works to suit your users.

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unique tools for enhanced iManage functionality

Increase functionality of your iManage DMS

Tools for implementation, migration and more

Seamless integration with your existing iManage Solution

Trusted iManage partners for over 14 years

TEC Tools for enhanced iManage capability

Tiger Eye’s TEC Tools are customised bolt-on solutions for your iManage DMS, designed with feedback from our valued clients to increase their functionality in iManage Work 10.

Developed with users in mind.

We know that every business is different, and that each user works differently. So, we built bespoke tools to allow our clients to extend their iManage Work functionality, to meet their individual business requirements and enhance the way they work.

TEC Migration Suite
TEC Template Manager
TEC Email Decrypt
TEC Migration Suite

TEC Tools

TEC Migration Suite for bulk content migration

Specifically designed for fast and efficient migration of large volumes of content, TEC Migration Suite employs a simple five step wizard-based interface to help you to migrate data between a wide variety of data sources, including iManage Work, both quickly and efficiently.

Allowing you to apply filters to content sources, create inclusion/exclusion lists and apply date range criteria, TEC Migration Suite can target content from SQL Databases, Exchange OST Files, ZIP files and more.

TEC Template Manager

TEC Tools

TEC Template Manager for template creation and management

Fully integrated with Microsoft Word and iManage Work, TEC Template Manager enhances the way you work with easy creation, filing and management of document templates – meaning you can spend more time on the things that truly matter to you – and your valued clients.

Used for the creation and management of Microsoft Word Document Templates, TEC Template Manager creates and stores Word Documents that can be easily filed within your existing iManage Work DMS.

TEC Email Decrypt

TEC Tools

TEC Email Decrypt for secure email collaboration

With Cyber Attacks on the rise, Email Encryption is often used to secure emails. However, in using Email Encryption solutions, users sacrifice the ability to collaborate with colleagues, as they are unable to read each other’s correspondence.

TEC Email Decrypt overcomes this by tracking the encrypted emails and decrypting them as they enter iManage.


TEC Tools

We also offer a range of other tools to suit your needs…

We want to help you to enhance the way you work. Our TEC Tools offer stress-free solutions for a range of business requirements, helping you to customise, extend and improve your iManage system.


Our other TEC Tools, include:

  • TEC Lock: for enhanced security control in iManage Work
  • TEC Delete: for ‘soft deletion’ of content
  • TEC Auto Import: for automatic document filing
  • TEC Rename: for right-clock document renaming
  • TEC Integrate: for accessing and saving files in web browsers
  • TEC Import: for secure importation of content from outside your organisation
  • TEC Web Launcher: for data collation, representation and web page viewing
If you would like to discover how TEC Tools could benefit you, then please contact our expert team...

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